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 Certificate exparied
Bhai mere paas nokiaE71 handset hai meri samsya ye hai ki jab bhi koi app install karta hoo jaise ki (Call recoder & celltrack) to msz aata hai ki certificate expaired plz help me
my mail

Posted by ankit1232008 on 8/27/2010 12:28:03 PM

Reply By : lovecelestine on 8/13/2013 10:41:47 PM
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Reply By : lovecelestine on 8/13/2013 10:41:49 PM
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Reply By : lovecelestine on 8/13/2013 10:41:51 PM
[b][url=]moncler sale[/url][/b] | [b][url=]moncler jackets[/url][/b] | [b][url=]outlet moncler[/url][/b] Is ‘Tiny Times’ A Spot-On Glimpse Of China’s ‘Me Generation’?By Jing Daily Published: July 16, 2013[b][url=]moncler[/url][/b] [b][url=]moncler womens jackets[/url][/b] If director Guo Jingming hadn’t just set China’s opening day box office record for a 2-D Chinese-language film with his blockbuster Tiny Times (《小时代》), he may have been more disappointed about the slew of disparaging comments that have been used to describe his luxury goods-saturated work. Just a sampling of these phrases includes “vulgar,” “ shallow ,” and “hyper-materialist,” as well as full of “ twisted male narcissism and a male desire for patriarchal power ,” and “ unconditional indolence .”  What is also striking about the film is its portrayal of what the media is dubbing China’s “me generation”: a new group of rapidly consuming, young, middle-class Chinese, who are statistically more materialistic , according to research by McKinsey.[b][url=]women moncler boots[/url][/b] Luckily for Guo, many of these teens and young adults flocking to the movie couldn’t care less about any of the criticisms lodged against it, and are instead lured into theaters by its attractive stars and glamorous Shanghai setting. The film, based on Guo’s series of young adult books wildly popular with high school girls, is China’s answer to Gossip Girl or Twilight , and combines the fabulous lifestyles of the former and the male teen heartthrobs of the latter.The stars of Tiny Times , including actresses Yang Mi and Amber Kuo, pose with director/author Guo Jingming. (SCMP)[b][url=]cheap moncler jackets[/url][/b] That is not to say that the critiques are not dead-on. The movie’s nonsensical plot has some glaringly regressive gender issues, which have been discussed at length in a perceptive article at ChinaFile  by Ying Zhu and Frances Hisgen. For starters, the main character’s boss and editor of a major Vogue -esque magazine is inexplicably a straight male surrounded by submissive female assistants, when in reality, all the top fashion editors in China are very powerful women . In addition, the worship of wealth truly is front and center. As Abe Sauer at BrandChannel points out, it is the hero of the film that declares , “Love without materialism is just a pile of sand.”[b][url=]moncler outlet store[/url][/b] Nonetheless, the success of both the film and the books is clearly a reflection of what younger audiences are willing to plunk down their parents’ RMB to see, and thus worth discussing in terms of the cultural norms they espouse. While it is impossible to go so far to say that the film is any kind of accurate reflection of China’s youth culture (although it has sparked a certain amount of “kids these days” conversation), its popularity certainly demonstrates what they want to watch and what factors may be influencing them.[b][url=]moncler coats[/url][/b] The film’s four female protagonists display certain cultural preferences and behaviors that are often radically different from that of an earlier generation in China. Below are some of the most prominent qualities of the main characters, which may give a glimpse of the road to come for China’s youth, at least according to one luxury-obsessed director: They drink. In one scene, the main characters get completely sloshed on Champagne on New Year’s Eve—not a remarkable sight for Americans or Europeans, but a highly uncharacteristic activity for Chinese college students, especially women, who positively do not share America’s over-the-top drinking culture. Alcoholic beverage companies are working hard to change this, especially when it comes to Champagne and anything other than red wine , which is the heavily preferred gifting drink of choice among older consumers in China.Raise your glass to designer brands: a scene from Tiny Times . “Westernization” persists, but is far from exact imitation.  In addition to downing Champagne on non-Chinese New Year’s, we also see the characters celebrating Christmas and interspersing their Mandarin with English words every few sentences—but don’t think that they’re just trying to copy the West. Christmas, which has appeared in other trendy Chinese rom-coms such as Sophie’s Revenge , is a time for friends, not family (that’s what Spring Festival is for), and many of the ways in which English slang is used are actually incomprehensible to native English speakers. The classic New Year’s song Auld Lang Syne, described as “fashionable,” is a recurring element in the film, but is sung in Mandarin, not English. Chinese designers are moving into their sphere of influence. The film shows a dizzying array of Western brand appearances, including but not limited to “Ferragamo, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Prada, Bottega Veneta, Marc Jacobs, Moncler, Armani, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Pelle Moda, Neil Barrett, Birkin, Christian Louboutin, Valentino, BMW, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Texture, Sketch Red, and Apple.” The brand sightings  have even been counted by fans —Christian Louboutin wins with 21, in case you were wondering. Nonetheless, the movie’s climax occurs when the aspiring fashion designer of the group shows off her creations in a runway show to resounding applause and a standing ovation, sending a message that although Chinese fashion is young now, these other brands are going to need to make room for it in the future. Filial piety is not so important, but devotion to capitalism is. The only parental character we see in the movie is its ultimate villain: the elitist, arranged-marriage-partial mother of one character’s boyfriend, who disapproves of the girl’s relatively lower class status. When the son openly talks back to her, it seems like this trope that would have been right at home in earlier PRC propaganda, which favored class struggle over filial piety. However, obedience is still vitally important in the film—at one’s job, that is. The main character’s willingness to submit to a range of demeaning and unreasonable tasks demanded by her boss is portrayed as being inherent to a “go-getter” attitude. The storyline is very similar to that of the overworked magazine assistant in  The Devil Wears Prada , except this character doesn’t quit at the end for a more “fulfilling” job: rather, she earns a free pair of Nikes.As with any teen movies, the content of Tiny Times  is heavily dramatized and voraciously consumed by an impressionable young audience. If you think that this is the last you’ll hear of this franchise, think again. like  Twilight,  there are multiple books and thus more films to be made. The wait won’t be long for its devoted fans, since the next one is due out in August .Category: Culture / Film & TelevisionTag: apple , armani , bentley , birkin ... , More apple , armani , bentley , birkin , bmw , bottega veneta , chanel , china , china luxury , christian louboutin , dior , dolce & gabbana , fashion , ferragamo , gucci , guo jingming , louis vuitton , Luxury , marc jacobs , moncler , Neil Barrett , Pelle Moda , prada , rolls-royce , Sketch Red , Texture , tiny times , valentino[b][url=]moncler kids outlet[/url][/b][b][url=]moncler womens jackets[/url][/b]

Reply By : lovecelestine on 8/13/2013 10:41:52 PM
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The second DP entry will run alongside the season-long effort(No.01 Telcel/TELMEX Dinan-Prepared BMW) driven by reigning SeriesChampions and Rolex 24 At Daytona Winners Scott Pruett and Memo Rojas,who hold the distinction of being the most successful driving duo inseries history with 27 race wins.</p><p><strong><a href=>replica patek philippe aquanaut</a></strong> <b>NOTES OF INTEREST:</b></p><b>NTT DATA and Ganassi:</b> NTT DATA returns to Chip GanassiRacing Teams (CGRT) for their first primary sponsorship after lastpartnering with Ganassi on the No. 8 NTT DATA Honda of Ryan Briscoe inthis year’s Indianapolis 500 in the IZOD IndyCar Series. Following theIndianapolis 500, NTT DATA has maintained an associate partnershipwith Ganassi on the No. 83 Indy car of Charlie Kimball.<b>Ganassi’s IMS Glory:</b> Team Owner Chip Ganassi’s historyat IMS over the years includes five wins as an owner (tied for secondmost in history) in the Indianapolis 500 (1989, 2000, 2008, 2010 and2012) in addition to winning the 2010 Brickyard 400 in the NASCARSprint Cup Series. He was also the fastest rookie qualifier as adriver in the 1983 Indianapolis 500.<b>GRAND-AM History:</b> CGRFS has six championships (2004,2006, 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012) and 41 wins since their introductionto the circuit in 2004 – all GRAND-AM records. CGRFS has the greatesteight-race stretch in Rolex 24 At Daytona history with five wins(2006, 2007, 2008, 2011 and 2013) and two second-place finishes (2009,2010) dating back to 2006. Their one-two finish in the 2011 Rolex 24At Daytona marked the quickest a team had reached the five-win mark inthe race’s 50-year history.<b>Driver Lineup In-Depth:</b> Kanaan, the 2013 Indianapolis500 Winner, started his Indy car racing career in 1998 and is a16-time race winner as well as the 2004 Series Champion. His 209consecutive Indy car starts streak (dating back to the 2001 CART racein Portland) is second only to Jimmy Vasser''s 211. He has raced in theGRAND-AM series twice, both in GT cars in 1998 and 2013. Joey Handreturns to the team for his first GRAND-AM Rolex Sports Car Seriesstart outside of his Rolex 24 At Daytona duties for CGRFS, where hewon the 2011 race with the team in his first start. Hand has 61 careerstarts, six wins, five poles and 20 podiums finishes in the series.<p><strong><a href=>patek philippe watches</a></strong> <b>QUOTEBOARD:</b></p><p><strong><a href=>replica patek philippe nautilus</a></strong> <b>John McCain, CEO, NTT DATA:</b></p>“Chip Ganassi Racing and their teams have an exceptional track recordat Indianapolis over the years with wins in both stock car and openwheel categories. We’re enthusiastic about this driver lineup, andlook forward to working with both Tony and Joey for this special entryin this year’s GRAND-AM race at Indianapolis.”<p><b>Steve Lauletta, President, Chip Ganassi Racing Teams:</b></p>“After partnering with NTT DATA in May, we have continued a solidrelationship with them across multiple racing platforms. Using ourGRAND-AM program to partner them with two world-class drivers isanother example of how we are able to add value to our partners acrossmultiple series. Tony brings a wealth of experience to the car, andthe addition of Joey to the lineup is sure to get the team off to afast start as he’s been an integral part of the team as evidenced byhis success with us in recent Rolex 24 At Daytonas. NTT DATA has beena great new partner and we look forward a long relationship with them.”<p><b>About NTT DATA</b><br>NTT DATA is your Innovation Partner anywherearound the world, with operations in more than 35 countries. NTT DATAemphasizes long-term commitment and combines global reach and localintimacy to provide premier professional services from consulting,application services, business process and IT outsourcing to cloud-basedsolutions. Visit learn how our consultants, projects, managed services, andoutsourcing engagements deliver value for a range of businesses andgovernment agencies.</p><p><b>About Chip Ganassi Racing</b><br>Chip Ganassi has been a fixture inthe auto racing industry for over 25 years and is considered one of themost successful as well as innovative owners the sport has anywhere inthe world. Today his teams include three cars in the IZOD IndyCarSeries, two cars in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, and one DaytonaPrototype in the GRAND-AM Rolex Sports Car Series. Overall his teamshave 15 championships and over 150 victories, including fourIndianapolis 500s, a Daytona 500, a Brickyard 400 and five Rolex 24 AtDaytonas. Ganassi boasts state-of-the-art race shop facilities inIndianapolis and Brownsburg, Ind. and Concord, N.C., with a corporateoffice in Pittsburgh, Penn.</p><p>For more information log onto</p><p> </p>Contact:NTT DATA, Inc.<br>Tara Jantzen, +1-312-305-1771<br>or<br>Racepoint Group<br>Jenna Caswell, +1-617-624-3200<br> on Twitter, become a fan on FacebookRelated Content Earnhardt still in the market for primary sponsor Why Brickyard 400 Winner Newman Is Only $423,033 Richer NASCAR completes TV package with Fox SportsRecent Quotes Portfolios Recent QuotesSymbolPriceChange% Chg Chart  Your most recently viewed tickers will automatically show up here if you type a ticker in the Enter symbol/company at the bottom of this module.You need to enable your browser cookies to view your most recent quotes.Search for share pricesSave List to Portfolio »Recent Quotes News   Sign-in to view quotes in your portfolios.<strong><a href=>patek philippe watches</a></strong><br><strong><a href=>patek philippe nautilus replica</a></strong><br>

Reply By : lovecelestine on 8/13/2013 10:41:54 PM
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[b]<a href=>patek philippe watches</a>[/b][b][url=]patek philippe replica watches[/url][/b][b][url=]patek philippe watches[/url][/b] Gov. McDonnell Will Return Rolex, Gifts to Campaign DonorlikeDislikeEdit content preferencesDoneAbby D. PhillipJuly 30, 2013[b][url=]watches[/url][/b] [b][url=]patek philippe watches[/url][/b] Embattled Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell said today that he would return gifts he and his family received from a campaign donor, including a $6,500 Rolex watch.[b][url=]best replica patek philippe watches[/url][/b] Speaking on WTOP radio on the Ask the Governor program, McDonnell said he would work with counsel to return all remaining gifts from Jonnie Williams, a wealthy donor to his campaign and CEO of a nutritional supplement company Star Scientific. The gifts could amount to tens of thousands of dollars.[b][url=]patek philippe replica watches[/url][/b] This has been a gentleman and his wife who… I considered a personal friend, and he had given some gifts to my daughters for their wedding and to my wife, some of them I did not know about at the time, McDonnell said. Listen, I do understand the concern of the citizens of Virginia.[b][url=]patek philippe watches[/url][/b] I felt that because of the concerns that had been raised by my citizens I did not want my sacred trust with the people to be undermined in any way, the governor said.[b][url=]best replica patek philippe watches[/url][/b] McDonnell''s office won''t provide any additional information about which gifts he would be returning or their value.McDonnell has been dogged by questions and a federal investigation into whether any of the gifts were improper.In the interview, McDonnell pointed to an external audit by former Virginia attorney general Tony Troy which found that McDonnell''s office did not give Star Scientific any special benefits as a result of the gifts.Some of the reported gifts include a $6,500 Rolex watch, $15,000 in wedding catering for his daughter Cailin''s 2011 wedding. and a $15,000 shopping spree for his wife Maureen, according to the Washington Post .McDonnell said that his daughter Jeanine McDonnell has already returned one of the gifts Williams gave her for her wedding in May.Last week McDonnell also announced that he repaid $124,000 in loans and interest from Williams to his family and the business that he co-owns with his sister.[b][url=]patek philippe watches[/url][/b][b][url=]patek philippe nautilus replica[/url][/b]

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[b]<a href=>omega watches</a>[/b] | [b][url=]watch[/url][/b] | [b][url=]replica omega[/url][/b]The Globe and MailJump to main navigationJump to main contentSearch:News & QuotesJobsby eluta.caLoginRegister18 TorontoSubscribeHelpHomeNewsCommentaryBusinessInvestingSportsLifeArtsTechnologyDriveSite MapNationalPoliticsTorontoBritish ColumbiaWorldVideoTry Globe Unlimited - 1 month for just 99¢And get unlimited access on all your devicesSee my options!Home»News»British ColumbiaJames Bond film expert Murray Gillespie is pictured in his apartment in Vancouver on August 3, 2013. (Ben Nelms For The Globe & Mail)James Bond film expert Murray Gillespie is pictured in his apartment in Vancouver on August 3, 2013.(Ben Nelms For The Globe & Mail)Meet the man billed as Canada’s foremost James Bond expertAdd to ...IAN BAILEYThe Globe and Mail[b]<a href=>omega watches</a>[/b] PublishedMonday, Aug. 05 2013, 9:16 PM EDT[b]<a href=>cheap watches</a>[/b] Last updatedMonday, Aug. 05 2013, 9:24 PM EDT1 commentPrint / LicenseA A[b][url=]watch[/url][/b] Few movie secret agents have a profile as high as James Bond’s. But that visibility rarely extends to big-screen showings of old Bond films.[b]<a href=>watches sale</a>[/b] That makes a festival at the Vancity Theatre art-house cinema unusual. Starting Aug. 23, the theatre, better known for art films and independent cinema, will begin screening 20 Bond films, starting with 1962’s Dr. No and running through 2012’s Skyfall. More Related to this Story[b][url=]watch[/url][/b] Actor Pierce Brosnan’s daughter dies of ovarian cancer[b][url=]watches sale[/url][/b] Tripping in Vietnam: My James Bond momentDo we really need to know how lonely and unhappy James Bond is?VideoVideo: Why Pierce Brosnan feels 'Love Is All You Need'Actor Daniel Craig and actress Berenice Marlohe pose for photographers as they arrive for the royal world premiere of the new 007 film "Skyfall" at the Royal Albert Hall in London October 23, 2012. Makers of the new James Bond movie "Skyfall" have striven to combine the old-school values that made 007 such a success over the last 50 years with enough modern mores to keep the silver screen''s favourite super spy relevant in a post-Cold War world.REUTERSBox OfficeVideo: Bond's Skyfall breaks box office recordsvideoVideo: Real-life gadgets to make even James Bond jealousMurray Gillespie, a Vancouver-area website designer and Bond expert who was shaken and stirred when he saw The Spy Who Loved Me as a nine-year-old in Ottawa, will introduce many of the screenings and lend items from a collection of hundreds of posters, albums, toys and models for exhibition.Mr. Gillespie, 45, talks about the festival, which begins with an opening gala and fundraiser for the Vancouver International Film Festival Society. Why does James Bond warrant a film festival in a venue like Vancity Theatre that more regularly specializes in art-house cinema? It’s due to the special nature of the length of the franchise. Whether it’s art-house films or studio-made movies, anything that has lasted 50 years is certainly a benchmark in cinema history.Also, the James Bond films really did, in my opinion, invent the spy genre in film. People had never seen a spy movie like Dr. No .Also, the expanse of movies from 50 years is why it’s warranted at such a prestigious venue.He’s a cultural icon and no film series has lasted so long and is still running. They must be doing something right. These films are available on video. They screen frequently on television. Why bother to see them, especially the older ones, on the big screen? Seeing a Bond movie on the big screen is nothing like watching it on DVD.First of all, most of them are cut [on the small screen] so you don’t get the wide-screen effect. The cinematography, the locations – everything about it is just so epic. Vancity Theatre promotional material describes you as “Canada’s foremost James Bond expert.” How did you earn that title? I developed an online presence to show my collection.Then I really started doing a lot of events. Then I started doing a lot of media.I went to the Skyfall premiere, the royal premiere last year in London.I have conversed with some other Bond collectors around the world and seem to have earned a place, at least for Canada and possibly in North America, for the size of my collection and encyclopedic knowledge of the franchise. What was the first Bond film you saw? The Spy Who Loved Me . 1977. At the drive-in with my sister in Ottawa. I was mesmerized by the exotic locations of Egypt, the beauty of Barbara Bach – Ringo Starr’s wife – gadgets. Everything. After that, I waited every two years to see the next one. When VCRs first came out, I found out there were other Bond films from the sixties. I started watching them, saw a couple on the big screen. The best Bond film? Goldfinger . It was Connery’s third movie so he had comfortably gotten into the character. The worst Bond film? Die Another Day . An invisible car and too much ice. It wasn’t coherent and was just schlocky and poorly put together. Quantum of Solace wasn’t too great. And Tomorrow Never Dies . Those would be the three worst Bond films for me. The best actor to play Bond? Sean Connery. He created the role. The worst actor to play Bond? Pierce Brosnan. Because he got stuck with two of the worst movies. The most underrated Bond film? On Her Majesty’s Secret Service . It was a terrific movie. Had Connery done that film, it possibly could have been one of the best films. It had a great plot – the movie where Bond gets married. George Lazenby (as Bond) did a wonderful job. Telly Savalas from Kojak as the villain and Diana Rigg as Bond’s wife, Tracy. The most overrated Bond film? Probably Moonraker . They were trying to capitalize on Star Wars and the space motif going around at the time. Will you be wearing a tuxedo at the screenings? On the opening night, I will certainly be in a tux. This interview has been edited and condensed. 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Is it nerves or something else?Most Popular StoriesRestaurateur admits to serving store-bought frozen pizzasAudit process ''unfair,'' Wallin says as she vows to repay moneyBlackBerry puts up ''for sale'' sign, with Fairfax emerging as potential buyerRob Ford sought meeting with inmate in after-hours jail visitElon Musk lifts lid on ‘Hyperloop’ futuristic transportMore Top StoriesWorldIsrael intercepts rocket fired from Egypt’s SinaiTorontoIf trouble dogs Ford, it''s of his own makingBaseballMan dies after fall from upper deck during game at Atlanta’s Turner FieldArts VideoLabel that helped launch Nirvana celebrates 25 yearsAdvertisingFacebook contest pairs small businesses with top marketing firmsROB InsightTwo ways to play the growth in social media stocksVideoBoston resident recalls Bulger''s advice to ''pay the price''B.C. motorcyclists aid disabled pedestriansConventional wisdom says big cars are safer, but that''s not always truePackaging industry working on consumer-friendly modelsPhotosImages from Monday''s action at the world track and field championshipBest pictures from the past 24 hoursTHE GLOBE AND MAILYou have 5 free articles left.Try Globe Unlimited and get unlimited access for just 99¢Already a Globe Unlimited subscriber? Log in here.Are you a print newspaper subscriber? Click here to get Globe Unlimited.[b]<a href=>omega sea master</a>[/b][b][url=]omega[/url][/b]

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He admitted there were “an awful lot of issues and contentious points”, but added that “ultimately it was important support for rural areas on the Island”.[b][url=]iwc aquatimer replica[/url][/b] He went on to highlight the phrase in the paper, “subject to contract finalisation”. Adding that requirements for coverage and speed would be written into the contract, leaving the IWC adequately protected. He said he didn’t think BT would sign up to a contract if they knew they it couldn’t be met.He finished by saying, “the importance of what could be achieved outweighs the risk and the risks can adequately be dealt and managed with.”Cllr Priest read out a statement on behalf of Cllr Jon Gilbey, who was absent from the meeting, expressing his support for the project. Cllr Priest echoed the statement adding his support to the proposal. Reservations about the proposalCllr Jordan raised several points of concern saying he had, “enormous amount of reservations” about the project from start to finish.He started by questioning those who stated that not going ahead with the scheme would affect the Island’s chance of achieving Assisted Area Status.He questioned the job creation, the economic benefit to the Island and claims that what would be provided is ‘Super Fast Broadband’. He also expressed concerns about the level of financial commitment being made by the council when the match funding by BT was just 24% of the total cost.Cllr Jordan pointed out that as the target for BT was to reach 20% of the 20,000 rural properties, this equated to the council investing over £3m for the benefit of 4,000 properties. Defer the decisionHe finished by saying that he’d prefer the decision to be deferred for two to three months, on the basis that the next cabinet meetings already had busy agendas and he’d like to make further enquiries about the matter.This proposal was seconded by Cllr Medland who agreed with Cllr Jordan’s view that many items in the proposal needed clearing up. Creating a private monopolyCllr Medland also expressed concerns that the council were relying on BT for information about the bid, adding that the council could benefit from some ‘neutral information’. He was equally concerned about the effect on competition, that a positive decision could be creating a private monopoly.He finished by saying that the his concerns were shared by Cllr Hillard, Cabinet member for Sustainability. Cllr Kendall remained unconvincedCllr Kendall added that he was ‘torn’ over the issue and ‘remained unconvinced by case being presented’. However, he was concerned the message that non-participation may give. Pressure from GovernmentStuart Love sought to clarify many of the points raised and finished by saying that the council was under pressure from the Government to sign the contracts. If deferred, it could also delay BT’s schedule to complete the work by two to three years which would mean losing the Government funding. The voteThe amendment to defer the decision was voted upon.Cllrs Smart, Bacon and Priest voted against the deferment, Cllrs Jordan, Medland, Kendall and Stubbings voted in favour.The issue will be discussed at one of the two Cabinet meetings in September. Further readingSee how the Overview and Scrutiny Committee felt about the proposal. Image: © Used with permission of Planet of Success Tuesday, 13th August, 2013 11:21pm By Sally Perry ShortURL: Filed under: Featured , Island-wide , Isle of Wight Council , Isle of Wight News , Technology . 4 Commentsbayboy''s comment is rated -813.Aug.2013 11:46pm I dont believe it! We have a chance to leap into the 21st Century with something that will benefit our Island, seperated by the sea from the mainland, giving us cutting edge communications and these numpties can’t decide because they can’t see the benefits. God help us!Offensive comment?Replysteephilljack''s comment is rated +114.Aug.2013 12:39am Who said they can’t see the benefits ?The debate was about getting the contract right, it wasn’t about whether it should happen!Maybe “cutting edge technology” has moved to other providers ?Offensive comment?Replyode on melancholy''s comment is rated -513.Aug.2013 11:54pm What a total shambles. Disappointing for those in rural communities.Offensive comment?ReplyDon Smith''s comment not rated yet. Add your vote14.Aug.2013 12:18am It was right to defer. Why rush into something of such great importance? I feel sorry for those living in rural areas, however, we need the best deal for the whole island.You make your choice as to where you reside.Offensive comment?ReplyAdd comment CancelLogin to your account .If you do not have an account, reserve your own name and receive exclusive special offers - just sign up for an On The Wight accountName:Email:CommentNotify me of followup comments via e-mailAdvertise here: Call 01983 898 777Get OnTheWight to your inbox dailyLatestPopularCabinet defer decision on £3.65m BT rural broadband project13, August 2013Open letter to Cabinet about Rural Broadband project13, August 2013Lost Pets IOW – A Facebook group dedicated to reuniting pets and owners13, August 2013Investigation into burglaries in Newport, Cowes and Ventnor13, August 2013Ryde Harriers join the Five Mile Seaview Run13, August 2013Island Independent councillors to be supported by new Association13, August 2013Appeal after thefts from cars on the Isle of Wight13, August 2013Report: ‘Significant range of challenges’ for Isle of Wight NHS Trust in 2013/1413, August 2013Appeal after attempted burglary in Sandown13, August 2013Ventnor Council to enter discussions over 25 year lease for Coastal Centre13, August 20131Hospice Withdraws From The Gazette23, March 20102PughTube: David Pugh Swearing Video Now Public (update 3)22, February 20103John Giddings Offers Festival Ticket Refunds on BBC22, June 20124A Month Of Christmas Music On Ryde Streets25, November 20115Andrew Turner: Conservative Party Candidate: Isle of Wight 2010 Elections30, April 20106WTF: The Contents of _That_ Video (update 2)18, February 20107Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (Robsten) Back On The Isle of Wight?30, December 20108Cheverton Down: Island’s First Big Wind Farm Site? (Podcast)4, June 20089Andrew Turner’s MP Expenses: Detail: updateD19, May 200910Programme of tree felling to start in Firestone Copse7, May 2013Local advertisingWhat’s happening today The Hillmans with Ross Honeybourne, 14 August Clash of Knights at Carisbrooke castle, 13 August - 15 August Isle of Wight Jigsaw Puzzle Festival, 12 August - 17 August Ventnor Carnival Parade, 14 August Yarmouth Carnival Week 2013, 10 August - 17 August Kite Making Workshop, 12 August - 16 August Tai Chi, 14 August Vectis Quilters @ Ventnor Fringe, 14 August - 17 August Mozart’s ‘Kegelstatt’ Trio K.498 Introduced by Peter Collyer, 14 August Feature Film In Competition – Mas Man (The Complete Work), 14 AugustFind lots more Isle of Wight Events ... and add your own events *for FREE!*[b][url=]iwc imitation[/url][/b][b][url=]swiss replica iwc watches[/url][/b]

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<ul><li><strong><a href=>buy discount watches</a></strong></li><li><strong><a href=>replica watches</a></strong></li><li><strong><a href=>Cheap watches</a></strong></li></ul><br> Policy Home News Markets IPO Personal Finance Mutual Funds Tech Jobs Opinion New Features Blogs Slideshows ET NOW ET Speed Top News News By Industry News By Company Economy Politics and Nation International Business Emerging Businesses PSU Press Releases Other Press Releases NRI Indicators Policy Finance Foreign Trade Infrastructure Agriculture You are here: ET Home › News › Economy › Policy 0 0 Share More 0 Post Your<br>Comment Hi there,</p> Login with your Facebook ID to see what your friends are reading on Times of India and Economic Times.</p> Your Activity <b></b> | Social ON <b></b> | Options<b></b> Your Activity <b></b> Recent Activity ( 0 )</p> Social ON <b></b> Turn social OFF Options <b></b> Invite friends <br> Not you? Log out of Facebook YOUR FRIENDS'' ACTIVITY</p> 1 of 1 SPOTLIGHT Economy: Looking for True India Story Don''t swoon over Sensex, India''s growth story scripted by small entrepreneurs <p><strong><a href=>watches</a></strong> Why is that the fortunes of the Super 30 hold sway over policymakers, media and the public at large? Why is Sensex the only credible barometer of economy, and not mid- and small-caps ?</p> Exports rose by 11.6% in July on a weak Re while imports fell P Chidambaram draws a line to check CAD at 3.7% Food Biz: Aggressive Growth Path ''Cookie Man'' Rama Rao buys fledgling chain of idli & dosa restaurants <p><strong><a href=>Cheap Rolex Watches</a></strong> Rao, 40, has bought into ID (standing for idli-dosa), started in 2010 by an arm of Chennai''s prominent theatre chain Sathyam Cinemas. Till Jan, ID ran only one outlet-inside Sathyam.</p> Cadbury to invest over Rs 1,000 crore in Andhra Pradesh plant Amul to spread bakery business; new plant for cookies on menu Retail Tales & Consumer Trends IKEA to open stores in Haryana, Andhra, Maharashtra & Karnataka <p><strong><a href=>Fake Rolex Watches</a></strong> The firm has incorporated its Indian subsidiary as IKEA India Ltd. The co would collaborate with handicraft and handloom sector and also collaborate with the National Institute of Design for its products.</p> Shedding gender bias, housewives dress up in western wear Attracted by self service format, more men take to shopping Idea: From Minnow to Crown Jewel Idea is now ABG''S most valuable, overtakes Hindalco, Grasim & UltraTech <p><strong><a href=>Fake Rolex Watches</a></strong> Idea has come a long way. It was an alliance with Tata, before the Tatas decided to align itself with CDMA. The Birlas paid what was at that time a king''s ransom of Rs 4,400 cr.</p> No plan to join price war in data: Idea Chief Executive Idea: Core business gains from stable 2G, growing 3G revenue Robert Vadra in the Dock Cong MP wants probe in all land deals in Gurgaon over the last 7 years <p><strong><a href=>Fake Rolex Watches</a></strong> In what looked like a challenge to Singh''s bete-noire, Haryana CM, the MP said, ''There is a perception that various bigwigs have a hand in accrual of licenses to various builders..</p> Vadra-DLF deals: Entire govt machinery misused, says BJP Not making charges against Vadra in personal capacity: Khemka Philanthropy & Social Concern Google launches Rs 12 crore search for social entrepreneurs <p><strong><a href=>buy discount watches</a></strong> This is part of Google''s ongoing giving efforts. Every year Google gives away approximately $100 mn in grants, $1 bnin free and discounted apps and ads, and 50,000 employee volunteer hours around the world.</p> For social returns on CSR, corporates can invest in SIBs CEO-turned-philanthropist Vineet Nayar plans to reform teaching Indian Businesses: Taking Global Leap Sugar barons turn to Africa: Maha minister to lease 27k hectares in Mozambique <p>Abundance of land and natural resources in Africa and prospects of serving both local mkt and also shipping to India were a big attraction for the Maha Minister. But he is not alone...</p> VLCC buys 80% in Singapore-based co for Rs 180 crore Companies Bill: The new law should set the M&A market on fire INS Vikrant: Breaking Big 5 Monopoly INS Vikrant: 10 things about India''s first indigenous aircraft carrier <p>INS Vikrant has the capacity to carry 36 fighter planes. The time interval between the take-offs of two fighters from the ship can be as low as three minutes and can be reduced to less than two minutes.</p> Nuke submarine Arihant''s reactor activated, India breaks Big 5 monopoly Ten recent bets by India to boost defence might Buying a Property: Things to know Oh God! Durga to bump up home prices by up to 10% <p>Developers, suppliers and sand miners say the National Green Tribunal order last week has drastically hit sand excavation, jacking up prices of the crucial construction material.</p> Transfering property, should you use a gift or a relinquishment deed Rented your property? Steps to take if a tenant refuses to vacate Tracking Commodities Onions all set to hit 100/kg, traders importing cheaper variety from Pakistan & China <p>This will really sting — the staple of cooking and salad, the onion, is all set to hit Rs 100/per kg. Indian onions, already retailing at Rs 80/kg, are now most expensive in the world.</p> Feast on: Higher edible oil, sugar, chana output to lower prices Gold guzzling still high in India, spurs neighbours to act Technology: Future is Here New targets for hackers: Your car and your house <p>Imagine driving and your car suddenly screeches to a halt, causing a pileup that injures dozens of people. Now imagine you had absolutely nothing to do with it because your car was taken over by hackers.</p> New app detects heart rhythm problem that can cause stroke Lost your keys? New technology can tell where they are Hot Gadgets & Tech Tips Spoilt for choice: 16 Android smartphones launched in 2013 <p>As an operating software platform, Android has made its way into almost every major smartphone brand in the world. 2013 has seen a huge number of premium (Rs 25,000 and above) smartphones being launched on Android OS.</p> Xolo Play T1000: Build quality impressive, good grip & useful for gaming How to speed up & clean your computer using free apps Most<br>Read Most<br>Shared Most<br>Commented Eight smart money moves to make before the ag... MBA no longer a passport to a successful care... Amrit Kaur: Aged 80, she''s India''s newest bil... Step-by-step guide to file your income tax re... Little-known tax deductions you might have mi... More » </p> Eight smart money moves to make before the ag... MBA no longer a passport to a successful care... Rented your property? Steps to take if a tena... Little-known tax deductions you might have mi... When and how can you withdraw from your EPF? More » </p> Kanchi Shankaracharya wades into Narendra Mod... Poke Me: Why Modi should apologise for 2002 Amartya Sen vs Bhagwati: Who is right in the ... I am not for PM who creates fear among minori... MBA no longer a passport to a successful care... More » </p> News in Pics 1/20 Ten recent bets by India to boost defence might Premium Android smartphones launched in 2013 Beijing''s ''most outrageous illegal structure'' Wi-Fi Trashcans which track people Rooftop villas on top of shopping mall in China Seven money minting food-related start-ups 10 things about India''s first indigenous aircraft carrier For social returns on CSR, corporates can invest in SIBs ET Review: iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 Investing in overseas equity funds can give better returns ET Review: Xolo Play T1000 Six ways to cope with job loss 6 CEOs on how to beat auto slowdown The return of anti-hero on American TV 9 essential toolkit for your PC After Higgs, CERN readies for next cosmic quest Important concepts of the new Companies Bill Images of Eid festivities from across the world LG G2: What''s special about S4, iPhone challenger? LG launches G2 smartphone, makes S4 look old Most Watched Videos <b>Roshni Nadar appointed additional director of HCL Tech</b> <b>''Seeing a disinterest from FII investors for Indian equities''</b> <b>FMCG companies post strong Q1 earnings</b> <b>Roshni Nadar appointed additional direct...</b> <b>''Seeing a disinterest from FII investors...</b> <b>FMCG companies post strong Q1 earnings</b> » MORE FROM VIDEOS </p> Slide Shows Ten remarkable infrastructure developments in India <p>From roadways, railways to airports and other smart-city initiatives, the last few years have ...</p> Ten metro rail projects transforming Indian cities <p>We take a look at how Metro connectivity has helped many cities in India and the upcoming netw...</p> What''s new in Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS <p>Google''s latest tablet Nexus 7, will run on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Operating software. And alt...</p> More Slideshows » </p> CCEA approves 3.56% stake sale in Neyveli Corporation By ET Bureau | 14 Aug, 2013, 03.45AM IST Post a Comment 0 Share More <b>READ MORE ON » </b> tamil nadu | Neyveli Lignite Corporation Ltd. | market regulator | Manmohan Singh | Jawaharlal Nehru | Jammu and kashmir | insurance The stake sale was done to meet the minimum public holding norm of market regulator Sebi. </p> <b></b> </b> </p> ( )</p> Vol: shares traded</p> </p> <b></b> </b> </p> ( )</p> Vol: shares traded</p> Prices | Financials | Company Info | Reports </p> NEW DELHI: The Cabinet on Tuesday ratified the decision to sell 3.56% stake in Tamil Nadubased Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC) through an Institutional Placement Programme (IPP), a deal worth Rs 360 crore. While the Rs 5.97 crore shares of the company were sold on August 2, the CCEA on Tuesday gave a post-facto approval for the disinvestment, an official source said. <br><br> The stake sale was done to meet the minimum public holding norm of market regulator Sebi. Post divestment, the Centre''s holding in the company has come down to 90%. While the CCEA had in June approved 5% stake sale in NLC through an Offer For Sale (OFS), the Empowered Group of Ministers (EGoM) on disinvestment later cleared selling only 3.56% in the company after taking into account the proposal of Tamil Nadu government. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa had written to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in May, opposing disinvestment in the integrated miningcum-power generating company. <br><br> Later, she offered that the shares in the NLC disinvestment be alloted only to Tamil Nadu state PSUs. The Centre sold over Rs 5.97 crore shares, or 3.56% stake, in NLC through an Institutional Placement Programme (IPP) at a price band of Rs 58-60 a share. The issue was lapped up by five Tamil Nadu state PSUs within an hour of trade. <br><br> STATUTORY DUES TO 10 CPSES WORKERS <br><br> The CCEA also approved the proposal for providing non-plan budgetary support of Rs 128.26 crore for liquidation of statutory dues (provident fund, gratuity, pension, employees state insurance and bonus) and salary and wages from 1 October 2012 to 31 March 2013 in respect of 10 central public sector enterprises (CPSEs), under the Department of Heavy Industry. The CPSEs are Hindustan Cables Ltd, HMT Ltd, HMT (Watches), HMT (Chinar Watches), Nagaland Pulp & Paper, Triveni Structurals, Tungbhadra Steel Products, Nepa, HMT Bearings and Hindustan Photo Films. The revival/closure plans of Hindustan Cables Limited, Triveni Structurals, HMT (Watches), HMT (Chinar Watches) and Hindustan Photo Films Limited are yet to be finalised. <br><br> SUBSIDY TO ADHUNIK CEMENTS <br><br> Besides, CCEA approved Rs 86.09 crore to Adhunik Cements, Meghalaya, a move that is likely to promote industrialisation in the North Eastern region. The company will get asistance in form of Central Capital Investment Subsidy under Central Capital Investment Subsidy Scheme (CCISS), 2007 of the North East Industrial and Investment Promotion Policy (NEIIPP). The grant of the subsidy will not only provide incentives to the operational units but also boost the confidence of existing investors as well as potential investors in the states of the North East Region, the official release said. <br><br> HIGHWAY PROJECT IN KARNATAKA <br><br> The committee approved a Rs 588-crore highway project in Karnataka under its flagship road building programme. The approval is for two/four laning of the Kerala borderKollegal section of National Highway 212 in the state of Karnataka under the National Highways Development Project Phase IV, on design, build, finance , operate and transfer basis in buildoperate-transfer (Toll) mode of delivery. <br><br> FUNDING FOR 10K BUSES UNDER JNNURM <br><br> It also approved a proposal for funding procurement of up to 10,000 buses for urban areas under Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM). As per the proposal approved, funds for at least 2,000 buses under the scheme would be provided to hilly areas like North Eastern States, Jammu and Kashmir , Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. <br> <br> <b>READ MORE ON » </b> tamil nadu | Neyveli Lignite Corporation Ltd. | market regulator | Manmohan Singh | Jawaharlal Nehru | Jammu and kashmir | insurance PREVIOUS STORY <b>Govt may rethink compulsory cost audit as industry not keen</b> NEXT STORY <b>''Restrictions on gold in long term would encourage smuggling''</b> Follow Economic TimesPolicy Section, For The Latest News! Email RSS <br><br> Have something to say? <b>Post your comment</b> Comments are moderated and will be allowed if they are about the topic and not abusive.</p> Characters remaining ( 1500 )</p> To post this comment you must Log In/Connect with:</p> Indiatimes Network <b>or</b> Fill in your details: <p>Will be displayed</p> <p>Will not be displayed</p> <p>Will be displayed</p> Share this Comment: Post to Facebook Post to Twitter Please answer this simple math question. 3 + 1 = Have something to say? <b>Post your comment</b> Comments are moderated and will be allowed if they are about the topic and not abusive.</p> Characters remaining ( 1500 )</p> To post this comment you must Log In/Connect with:</p> Indiatimes Network <b>or</b> Fill in your details: <p>Will be displayed</p> <p>Will not be displayed</p> <p>Will be displayed</p> Share this Comment: Post to Facebook Post to Twitter Please answer this simple math question. 3 + 1 = Get a Quote Browse Companies A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z | 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 The Economic Times Home | News | Markets | Personal Finance | Mutual Funds | Infotech | Jobs | Opinion | Features | Videos | My Portfolio | Budget 2013 <b></b>Live Market <b></b>News <b></b>Portfolio <b></b>Mobile <b></b>Live TV <b></b>Newsletter <b></b>Commodities <b></b>Speed <b></b>QnA <b></b>Blogs <b></b>Alerts Other Times Group news sites Times of India | इकनॉमिक टाइम्स <br> ઈકોનોમિક ટાઈમ્સ | Mumbai Mirror <br> Times Now | Indiatimes <br> नवभारत टाइम्स | महाराष्ट्र टाइम्स <br> ವಿಜಯ ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ Living and entertainment Timescity | iDiva | Bollywood <br> Zoom | Healthmeup | Luxpresso <br> Technology | Guylife | Online Songs Networking itimes | Dating & Chat | Email <br> Hot on the Web Breast Feeding | Online Shopping <br> Movie Review Videos | Miss India <br> Used Cars in Chandigarh | Bike Price India <br> Services Book print ads | Online shopping | Free SMS | Website design | CRM | Tenders <br> Matrimonial | Ringtones | Astrology | Jobs | Property | Buy car | Bikes in India <br> Used Cars | Online Deals | Restaurants in Delhi | Movie Show Timings in Mumbai <br> Remit to India | Buy Mobiles | Listen Songs About us / Advertise with us / Terms of Use and Grievance Redressal Policy / Privacy Policy / Feedback / Sitemap / Code of Ethics </p> Copyright © 2013 Times Internet Limited. 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It was the first career Daytona Prototype win for No. 8 BMW Riley drivers Brendon Hartley and Scott Mayer. The duo completed 70 laps in the two-hour, 45-minute race on the classic 4.048-mile circuit, averaging 102.974 mph. Starworks teammates Ryan Dalziel and Alex Popow finished 14th and continue to lead the driver point standings.</p>BMW Teams at 2103 ALMS and Grand-Am at Road America on 08/10/2013.</p><p><strong><a href=>rolex daytona</a></strong>  </p><p><strong><a href=>rolex submariner replica</a></strong> Three-time Daytona Prototype driver co-champions Scott Pruett and Memo Rojas finished fourth in the No. 01 CGRFS BMW Riley. CGRFS and Starworks Motorsports are 1-2 respectively in Daytona Prototype Team standings.</p><p><strong><a href=>rolex daytona</a></strong>  </p><p><strong><a href=>rolex watch</a></strong> Turner Motorsport finished first and third in the GT contest with Bill Auberlen and Paul Dalla Lana racing to their third win of the season. Auberlen prevailed in a grand battle during the closing stages of the race after Dalla Lana started the No. 94 BMW M3 from a career-best outside front row starting position. Michael Marsal and BMW Motorsport driver Maxime Martin finished third in the No. 93 machine. It was Martin’s second race ever for Turner Motorsport and first ever race at Road America. The win was number 27 in Auberlen’s stellar career and ties him with Memo Rojas for second in career Rolex victories.</p>BMW Teams at 2103 ALMS and Grand-Am at Road America on 08/10/2013.BMW Teams at 2103 ALMS and Grand-Am at Road America on 08/10/2013.<p><strong><a href=>replica rolex</a></strong> Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge – All three Fall-Line Motorsports BMW M3s scored top-ten Grand Sport finishes in today’s 2.5-hour Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge race. David Donohue, substituting for Bryan Sellers, paired up with Mark Boden to finish fifth in the No. 46 M3. Charles Espenlaub and Trent Hindman finished seventh in the No. 48 machine and Al Carter and Hugh Plumb finished tenth in the No. 45 car.</p><p> </p><p>In the Street Tuner class BMW teams raced to a second consecutive sweep of the podium to keep BMW at the top of the ST Manufacturer point standings. This weekend the top step of the podium went to Tyler Cooke and Gregory Liefooghe in the No. 81 BimmerWorld Racing BMW 328i. On Friday, Cooke had driven the No. 81 machine to his first career ST pole position. The No. 56 RACE EPIC/Murillo Racing BMW 328i of Jesse Combs and Jeff Mosing finished second, (unofficially) moving the duo to the top of the ST driver point standings. The No. 80 BimmerWorld Racing BMW 328i of Connor Bloum and Greg Strelzoff finished third.</p><p> </p><p>“This was a brilliant Saturday for BMW racers,” said Gordon McDonnell, BMWNA Motorsport Manager . “Congratulations to Brendon and Scott for their first career Rolex win and to everyone at Turner Motorsport for their first GT class double podium. A second consecutive 1-2-3 finish in Street Tuner is outstanding and further validation for the legendary BMW 3 Series as one of the best all-round cars in the world.”</p><p> </p><p>In less than one week, BMW racers in both the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge and Rolex Sports Car Series will be back in action at the Kansas Speedway. The Rolex race will be televised live Saturday, Aug. 17thon FOX Sports 2 at 8:00 p.m. ET. The CTSCC race will be broadcast on FOX Sports 1 on Sunday, August 25th at 3:00 p.m. ET.</p><p> </p><p> BMW Group In America </p><p>BMW of North America, LLC has been present in the United States since 1975.  Rolls-Royce Motor Cars NA, LLC began distributing vehicles in 2003.  The BMW Group in the United States has grown to include marketing, sales, and financial service organizations for the BMW brand of motor vehicles, including motorcycles, the MINI brand, and the Rolls-Royce brand of Motor Cars; DesignworksUSA, a strategic design consultancy in California; a technology office in Silicon Valley and various other operations throughout the country.  BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC in South Carolina is part of BMW Group’s global manufacturing network and is the exclusive manufacturing plant for all X5 and X3 Sports Activity Vehicles and X6 Sports Activity Coupes.  The BMW Group sales organization is represented in the U.S. through networks of 338 BMW passenger car and BMW Sports Activity Vehicle centers, 139 BMW motorcycle retailers, 119 MINI passenger car dealers, and 34 Rolls-Royce Motor Car dealers.  BMW (US) Holding Corp., the BMW Group’s sales headquarters for North America, is located in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey.</p><p> </p><p>Information about BMW Group products is available to consumers via the Internet at: </p>Posted in: MotorsportsAbout the Author: Michael Beach Mick HudsonMichael Beach Mick Hudson is the founder and Editor of Beach Carolina Magazine . Living along the coast of North Carolina, Mike has a passion for the beach and loves to bring news and events of the Carolinas to others around the world.Subscribe<p>If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to receive more just like it.</p></p>Privacy guaranteed. 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