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NEWS : Nokia Nuron Smartphone Lands on T-Mobile in Late March
Nokia 5320 Nuron T-Mobile
As the first Nokia smartphone to offer Ovi Maps and Ovi Store on a U.S. carrier, the Nokia Nuron for T-Mobile is rather unique. Ovi Maps offers free turn-by-turn directions and navigation, a service that is currently exploding in popularity. Ovi Store, on the other hand, is currently the second largest application store out there, only beaten by Apple''s App Store. All this coupled with a subsidy from T-Mobile makes the Nokia Nuron an interesting choice for American Nokia fans and mass-market users alike.

Nokia Nuron takes on Samsung Behold II, T-Mobile myTouch 3G

When comparing the Nokia Nuron to the currently available Samsung Behold II and T-Mobile myTouch 3G, it''s obvious that the Nuron aims to sneak in behind these phones. The Nokia Nuron is a good example of a mass-market Symbian S60 smartphone, designed to be very cheap (way below $100 after subsidies, if you ask us).

The Nokia Nuron will deliver Symbian S60''s multimedia capabilities, beating the Android-powered Behold II and myTouch 3G by far when it comes to playback and streaming capabilities. It''ll also offer a 2-megapixel camera with VGA recording, as opposed to the Behold II''s 5-megapixel camera with CIF recording and the myTouch 3G''s 3-megapixel camera with CIF recording.

The more we look at what''s at the table here, the more it seems like the Nokia Nuron aims to conquer both mid-range Android phones and standard Samsung TouchWIZ phones at once though. For instance, like most standard TouchWIZ phones, the Nuron lacks Wi-Fi connectivity and sports a resistive touchscreen. On the other hand, it supports Web-oriented apps and services that are currently giving Android phones an edge.

All in all, the Nokia Nuron sits between a Samsung Highlight (standard TouchWIZ phone) and a T-Mobile myTouch 3G (mid-range Android phone), with the aim of attracting you to the best of both worlds. That said, if the touch experience is of utter importance to you, the myTouch 3G will beat the Nuron, Behold II and Highlight. Check out a comparison of them all here.

Price and release date

The Nokia Nuron will be available in late March 2010. The price has yet to be announced.
Posted By : jimi
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